Mission Statement

To bring awareness to travelers on how to protect, conserve and enhance our planet and our communities in a sustainable manner.


To provide and inspire travellers with information on how to travel more sustainably and travel with a purpose. Ensuring we protect our natural environment, whilst we connect and respect communities, cultures and protect our wildlife.
Sustainable travel tourism, awareness

Sustainability for Long Term

To travel and act in the best interest for peoples quality of life and the environment around us

Sustainable travel tourism, awareness

Provide Inspiration

Focus on long term sustainable outcomes that protect, conserve and enhance our planet and people

Sustainable travel tourism, awareness

Engagement of Others

Involving and connecting all stakeholders to build understanding, inclusion and respect amongst all

Sustainable travel tourism, awareness

Adopt & Embrace Change

Adapt habits and drive long term commitment to grow and evolve to suit our global requirements

Sustainable travel tourism, awareness

Knowledge to Gain

Being passionate and open to learn new ways to travel, and use our moral compass as we develop

Peta Buckley Travel with Awareness
Peta Buckley

About Me

Hi, my name is Peta, I am an avid traveller hence have a strong passion for travel and adore exploring new destinations across our glorious globe. I have been fortunate to explore a range of destinations across Earth and commenced my awareness to sustainable travel a few years ago. I explore our wonderful planet to learn how people live their lives, to absorb wilderness and natures raw beauty, to admire wildlife in their natural habitat, to taste what our creative hands can produce, to experience our various differences across the globe and appreciate all which we have on this plant.

The more I’ve travelled, the more I become aware of my surroundings and the reason why I travel, and how to travel with meaning and a purpose. I aim to share and educate other like minded travellers, so collectively we can travel “better” and improve the way we travel.

To help build my understanding from different perspectives and other stakeholders views, I have completed courses such as Sustainable Tourism Destination Management and GSTC Sustainable Tourism, which have provided further insight and knowledge required to help with my pathway of how I can be a more sustainable tourist.

I am an optimist, in that I believe we can all contribute and can adopt sustainable and regeneration mindset, to protect our people and planet. Whilst collaborating with each other to gain synergies for what’s required to travel with more meaning and purpose, so there is a beautiful Earth for future travelers just like us. 

Please feel free to reach out at any time.

Caring for the Future


Conserve our Natural Environment

Respect Cultures & Communities

Increase Animal Welfare

Mindful Consumption

Eliminate Waste

Sustainable Travel Tips