Items to Consider

To be a sustainable traveller

We need to be more aware of various aspects when exploring destinations, so we can embrace and truly experience true authentic locations and the people who live there.

Ensuring we travel with a purpose and with true meaning, so we gain a connection with a destination and the local people.

Some things to consider when travelling...

Using the 3 P's Mindset


When visiting communities and cities, aim to learn the culture, traditions, sense of well being, like satisfaction and standards of living, so you gain understanding of their lives, whilst creating real connections with people you meet.


When exploring and transiting, be mindful of the natural environment, to avoid further depletion and degradation of our natural environment around us, including nature, animals and our natural resources.

Sustainable travel tourism, awareness, respect cultures, destinations, travel donations

Be aware of who you’re financially supporting and contributing to at destinations, choose local, privately owned businesses whilst considering long-term environmental impacts when making decisions.

Our Planet / Environment

Conserve our Natural Environment

Our People / Society

Respect Cultures and Communities

Our Planet / Environment

Increase Animal Welfare

Our Planet / Environment

Eliminate Waste

Our Planet & People

Mindful Consumption