Why care when we travel?

Provide a positive contribution to our Earth

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Think of the future traveller, just like you...

We love to travel, explore new destinations, meet new people and embrace new experiences. This is the passion of travel. Yet the jet setter in us can still be mindful and conscious when we travel, and these days needs to be more aware of where, how and when we travel. 

There is not one person, community, organisation, or country in charge of our globe, we each individually need to contribute to our longevity of Earth. We as travellers need to positively contribute to our globe and communities, by taking small actions every time we travel and changing our habits.

The Travel Foundation “Tourism’s Invisible Burden”

Estimated environmental impact of tourism by 2050:

Energy consumption increase
Greenhouse gas emissions increase
Water consumption increase
It's time to protect our globe

The globe is in your hand, how do you want to treat it?

80% of travellers want to travel more sustainably, which is fantastic! So instead of waiting for the tourism industry to have more sustainable practices in place for this to happen, let’s try to direct your behaviour and habits now.

Start by being aware of how you travel, how you behave when at destinations, how you treat and connect with people, and what trace you leave behind. It goes beyond carrying a reusable straw & water bottle, and reusing your hotel towel, also simply paying to offset the carbon emission on your plane ticket. It’s about taking ownership of how you contribute to the long term sustainability and regeneration of the current state of our planet, so you and future generations can continue to explore our gorgeous globe.

We need to be more aware of various aspects when exploring destinations, so we can embrace and truly experience true authentic locations and the people who live there. We need to be aware of why we’re travelling and ensure we gain a connection with a destination and the local people. 

Would you rather provide a positive contribution to our planet and people by how you behave now, or provide a negative impact which future generations will look back in disgust with. 

It could mean being less selfish when travelling and posting less photos on social media, rather to embrace and welcome opportunities when we travel and be present in the moment. Possibly stepping outside our comfort zone and being more thankful to the globe around us whilst we explore each destination. 

Having more awareness when you travel is not always easy, it may take effort for you to be conscious of this, to stop and think on occasions, then possibly opt for a longer route which is better for the environment, wait longer for a meal so you’re supporting local businesses and avoid the selfie photo with the animal although it’s popular on social media. Ultimately it’s taking the time and effort to gain knowledge, then make an informed decision on your actions, with the aim to be a positive contributor to our globe, instead of harming it. 

Be in the moment when we travel
Caring for the Future


Conserve our Natural Environment

Respect Cultures & Communities

Increase Animal Welfare

Mindful Consumption

Eliminate Waste

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