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Why You Should Develop and Empower Local People

Why you should develop and empower local people, Sustainable travel tourism, respect cultures, empower people, local communities
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Why You Should Develop and Empower Local People

Why You Should Develop and Empower Local People

Along with financially supporting communities first hand by buying locally produced items support local economies, it is also important to understand why you should develop and empower local people at a destination. The aim is to look for businesses that develop and empower local people to grow their skills and career opportunities. 

Businesses longevity and financial sustainability is contributed not only by paying guests, yet also how the business engages local people throughout its journey. If local people believe the business is of value to the community, they will in turn help the business succeed and ensure it remains open and profitable into the future. 

Regardless of the size of the business, whether a small locally owned and operated lodge or a large global hotel chain, see how they demonstrate their engagement in the community. Look to see if they employ staff from local and nearby towns, and if they train and develop their staff for possible future career endeavours. 

Take Sabi Sabi as an example, with their education programme and various community projects, and Thanda Safari Game Reserve community engagement programmes.

No matter where the location or size of the business, aim to find how they engage local people as well as how the business contributes to the development and empower local staff. It may take a bit more of your time researching this than simply booking from an online site, yet remember long term sustainability is about acting now for the good of our planet and future travellers.