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Avoid Animal Souvenirs

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Increase Animal Welfare

Avoid Animal Souvenirs

Avoid Animal Souvenirs

Some travellers like to purchase souvenirs when travelling for their memories, whereas others like to have experiences for their memories. If you’re the souvenir type of traveller, it’s wise to review and question your purchase and be aware of what products have contributed to the manufacture of the item. 

Travellers often like to purchase unique items that are specific to a destination and not common amongst other travellers. In doing so though, travellers can be propositioned into purchasing animal products for their uniqueness. Unfortunately though products that contain animal or animal parts are likely achieved by death of the animal to reach the end result, or have caused destruction to animal habitats. Some souvenirs are easy to spot like animal skins, feathers, fur and bones, yet there are also other items like shells and coral. 

Choosing to purchase animal products could be contributing to endangered animals or could be causing harm and suffering to animal species. 

To ensure animal species are not traumatised or worse engaged due to becoming a souvenir, aim to avoid animal souvenir purchases when travelling. Instead try opting for local cultural experiences for memories such as attending cooking classes, go on city walking tours, watch the sunrise at the top of a mountain, learn local traditional dance, go swimming in local swimming holes, go on nature walks, etc. 

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