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How To Protect the Natural Environment

How to Protect the Natural Environment, Sustainable travel tourism, awareness, environment, save the planet
Conserve the Natural Environment

How To Protect the Natural Environment

How To Protect the Natural Environment

Unfortunately some people when travelling don’t consider or think about the natural environment. We should all know how to protect the natural environment, as it without the natural environment around us, the human species would not survive.

Studies have proven that when forests have their own government body for formal protection, clear conservation areas are defined and have strong monitoring and enforcement of zones, forests are strengthened and advanced. 

Protected natural environments and heritage areas are most likely going to charge an entry permit, the revenue received for this normally goes towards protecting and maintaining the environment. You could also come across locals charging fees to enter natural environments i.e. $5 for natural waterfalls, although not formalised, it is still custom to pay the local vendor in the hope they will ensure the protection of the area.

Regardless if you’re visiting a government regulated area, a locally handled area or nature area unmanaged by anybody, you would follow the same principles of your physical footprint, for long term sustainability of the area. 

Although not all natural parks, reserves and waterways are protected with these measures, it doesn’t mean we cannot adhere to the basic rules when visiting, which are understanding the ecology of the environment you’re in, include the local community when visiting their natural environment, provide the local community with revenue to help sustain the natural environment, make locals aware of any decline in the natural environment when you’re exploring to make them aware if any habitat restoration that may be required.