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Eliminate Waste – Reuse

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Eliminate Waste

Eliminate Waste – Reuse

Eliminate Waste – Reuse

Using the 5R Principles; Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, for suggestions on how to eliminate your waste when travelling, Reuse is aimed to be midway along the eliminate waste cycle.

Drinking Bottle/Cup; pack a reusable water bottle to eliminate purchasing bottled water each day, these can also come in collapsible form too to save on luggage space, then fill up with filtered water available in most accommodation properties. 

Coffee / Juice Cup: pack a reusable cup that can be used for takeaway coffees or juices, preferably stainless steel thermos style that is lightweight and can be clipped to your bag, and won’t matter if it is slightly damaged or dinted. Use your cup on the plane too, instead of accepting the plastic cup for each request for water.

Drinking Straws & Cutlery: purchase a collapsible stainless steel straw in lieu of plastic straws that come with a cleaning brush, in lieu of plastic straws. Try picking up some bamboo cutlery prior to your trip, they are lightweight and thin to pack in your luggage. They also create a great talking topic with others, whilst spreading the message.

Refillable toiletry containers: purchase refillable toiletries bottles for shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser etc, in lieu of using or purchasing travel-sized toiletries at your accommodation. 

Toiletry Items: depending on your destination and length of stay, try using menstruation cups for women instead of tampons/pads and safety razors, reusable razor heads for men using disposable razors.

Shopping Bags: purchase lightweight durable shopping bags that can easily be folded up into small pouch, to use for snack/food shopping, souvenir shopping, even day trips to beach for your beach towel.

Packaging: for purchases you make whilst travelling, try reusing the bag or packaging the items come in, they could come in handy for wrapping damp swimmers or dirty shoes in a plastic bag.

What part can you play when travelling to reduce or even better eliminate waste?