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Increase Your Animal Awareness

Increase Your Animal Awareness, Sustainable travel, Animal Habitat
Increase Animal Welfare

Increase Your Animal Awareness

Increase Your Animal Awareness

Some people can travel and not be aware of the biodiversity which surrounds them, which includes animal life. However animal life represents double that of human life, with 10 quadrillion animals on Earth (that’s 15 zeros), made up of 8.7 million species. Unfortunately a million of those species are in danger of going extinct if we do not change our behaviours, hence why it’s important for us to increase our animal awareness. 

Increasing your animal awareness starts with looking at life around you, from small insects on the ground that you may walk past in the forest, or catching a glimpse of a bird that may fly past you as you walk along the street, or taking an interest in large animals that swim in the ocean yet you never get to see. Animal life is all amongst us, no matter where you visit or the destination. 

When you’re in natural areas, start to listen out for animals to see what is around you, or when you’re swimming in the ocean start to notice the fish that may swim past you, or if you’re fortunate a turtle may swim past you!

On your next trip try to visit a nature park, guided nature tour, attend exhibits, rehabilitation sanctuaries, etc. Anything really broadens your knowledge of wildlife and has the ability to educate you and heighten your awareness of animals and their natural habitats. 

Increasing your animal awareness will help build your appreciation of animals in general, and therefore create more of an interest in protecting animal species and conservation of wildlife and their natural habitats.