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Why You Should Avoid Photos with Wild Animals

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Why You Should Avoid Photos with Wild Animals

Why You Should Avoid Photos with Wild Animals

We understand there could be a fascination with getting a photo with wild animals. It could be exciting as it could feel rare, or you feel it is “special”, however there is a reason why you should avoid photos with wild animals. 

Taking a photo with a wild animal that is captive in some form, to achieve a particular status for yourself, or simply to share on social media, is not a means to benefit oneself glory, as it’s at the detriment of the animal. 

In most cases when people get photos with a wild animal, it occurs when the animal is kept in captivity, so it’s safe to get the photo without you being harmed. Yet in most cases, the animal is being harmed in these environments.

Some animals are kept captive for a reasonable purpose, for rehabilitation or rescue purposes, which are acceptable and have a benefit for the animal or species to thrive. There are however situations and venues which keep animals captive for tourism purposes only, which are not acceptable. 

These situations where wild animals are compromised or kept captive for no genuine reason should be avoided, and not promoted by travellers.

Such venues can include animals being caged, chained for tourism selfie purposes, walking with wild animals, riding wild animals and the like. These activities do not increase animal welfare, nor allow wild animals to live in their natural habitat. 

Remember wild animals are just that, wild. We should let them roam wild in their natural habitat with others in their species. Being held in captivity chained up is not quality of life, regardless of how well the animal is being cared for. Put yourself in the position of say a chained up tiger, how would you feel being chained up for people to come up to you for a photo, we’re sure you’d prefer to be out roaming the world in your natural surroundings. 

Thankfully these days more organisations are saying no and making a stance on encouraging animal welfare and discouraging interaction with wild animals, such as Intrepid have banned activities of this nature, which is a great initiative for the tourism industry.

So when exploring destinations, try to to avoid situations and photos with compromised wild animals, and don’t be ashamed to speak up or say no if you see venues still marketing such tourist attractions.