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Avoiding Culture Shock

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Avoiding Culture Shock

Avoiding Culture Shock is Possible

Some people experience culture shock whilst visiting new locations abroad, which is a natural feeling and can be overcome with some tips on how to prepare and possibly deal with this whilst away. 

In preparing for your trip, research the upcoming destination prior; find out the living conditions of locals and where you’ll be based, what types of food and meals will be there, what language do they speak and can you learn a few key phrases leading up to your trip, can you connect with a like minded local prior to arriving who can be your local friend and directive.

Be aware that you will be different to locals, you will have different behaviour, different communication styles, different eating habits, clothing, the list is endless. Don’t try to compare yourself to locals, you are both unique and individual, the quicker you’re able to accept that the easier adjusting to local customs becomes. 

Upon arriving at your new destination explore the region and become comfortable with the area. Try to meet a few trusted locals to befriend, along with meeting your like minded local who you connected with prior to departing. Be aware of your surroundings and do activities that make you happy and provide a positive outlook on the destination from the outset. 

If you feel yourself shutting off from local life, people and food, its ok to retreat to your personal space and places that you feel comfort in ie local tourist cafe, bar, mainstream food outlets etc. Although try not to make it the norm though, instead have a day of comfort, then an day of exploration, and then stretch to one day of comfort and a few days of exploration and local experiences. Until you gain the confidence and acceptance of the destination, then you can embrace all it has to offer. 

Avoiding culture shock can be achieved, and the more you travel outside your town/city or country, the more you will help reduce the likelihood of experiencing culture shock.

This is by no means medical advice and recommend you seek professional independent medical advice on your particular circumstances.