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Eliminate Waste – Rot

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Eliminate Waste

Eliminate Waste – Rot

Eliminate Waste – Rot

Using the 5R Principles; Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, for suggestions on how to eliminate your waste when travelling, Rot is aimed to be the last option to eliminate waste.

Local Gardens: keep an eye out for local community gardens in cities or towns, as they’ll likely have a communal compost bin. Then ask if you can bring your daily food scraps to contribute, ensure you ask first rather than simply dumping them.

Local Farms/Growers: find if there any nearby local farms or growers who welcome food scraps, you could visit the farm to purchase local produce and in return provide some food scraps to their compost.

Food venues: ask food vendors, restaurants if they use compostable bins for food scraps, whilst not always practical, it would be nice to know. 

Accommodation: ask accommodation properties if they have compost bins for you to use for your personal food scraps during your stay.

What part can you play when travelling to reduce or even better eliminate waste?

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