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Why You Should Avoid Animal Performances

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Increase Animal Welfare

Why You Should Avoid Animal Performances

Why You Should Avoid Animal Performances

As with Why You Should Avoid Photos with Wild Animals, why you should avoid animal performances is very similar.

We know some animals are kept captive for a reasonable purpose such as rehabilitation or rescue purposes, which are acceptable. However,  there are situations and venues which keep animals captive for tourism purposes only, which are not acceptable as they use to be many years ago. 

Public shows involving animal performances such as circus’, marine shows, cockerel fighting are subjecting animals to suffering and cruelty, which should be avoided being watched and participating in. These attractions and venues subject animals to cruelty and suffering during performances, not to mention being put the animal under undue stress that could be avoided. 

Whilst it is best not to attend or participate in such performances, it is also best not to promote or publish such events either.

There are unlimited other activities you could see as an alternative to animal based performances. Such as nature walks where you may see wild animals in their natural habitat. 

If you come across animal performances when travelling, aim to decline attending these attractions, for the sake of improving animal welfare.