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Eliminate Waste – Recycle

Eliminate waste recycle
Eliminate Waste

Eliminate Waste – Recycle


Eliminate Waste – Recycle

Using the 5R Principles; Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, for suggestions on how to eliminate your waste when travelling, Recycle is aimed to be the second last option to eliminate waste.

Packaging / Left over Products; if after Refuse, Reduce, and Reuse you still have waste left over, try to find the correct place to recyclable the items. This may mean taking your rubbish with you when you leave your accommodation and placing in recyclable bins in the street offered for the general public.

Accommodation: carry out research to see what accommodation properties offer recycling services, reach out prior to booking or check their website to see what recycling they offer their guests. 

Clothes: ask locals during your trip if they could use any of your clothes which may not fit you or are no longer required. This doesn’t mean offloading old clothes or simply leaving unused items behind when you leave a destination, you need to ask people first out of courtesy. Whilst hopefully helping local people, you may have an added bonus of reducing your luggage weight in turn reducing your carbon emissions. 

Education: if you’re travelling with friends or family, remind them the importance of recycling and carry out with them during your trip to demonstrate the importance of it.

What part can you play when travelling to reduce or even better eliminate waste?