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Eliminate Waste – Reduce

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Eliminate Waste

Eliminate Waste – Reduce

Eliminate Waste – Reduce

Using the 5R Principles; Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, for suggestions on how to eliminate your waste when travelling, Reduce is one of the main and easiest contributors to eliminate waste.

Excess Transportation; for short distances aim to walk or cycle in the first instance, especially great for city exploration days. For longer distances use public transport in the second instance instead of ride share providers, or if you do need to take individual transport/car then try to see if you can share with another person if possible and it’s safe to do so.

Room Service / Housekeeping;  try to use your personal towels for more than a day, as you would as if you were at home. Ask your accommodation to not change your sheets for short stays to save of excess water usage.  

Energy Used; be aware of the energy you use whilst away, such as leaving the hotel air conditioner on whilst you’re not inside the room, also try using a fan instead of air conditioner for milder temperatures. Purchase a solar charger and travel with that to charge your phone or small electronic devices. 

Water usage: instead of thinking I’m away I can have long showers, think the opposite and reduce your water usage. Most destinations use on average more water for tourists than locals. In less developed countries, this means water resources are going to tourists in lieu of going to locals who most likely require it more than travellers.

Impulse purchases; you may think that purchasing a little souvenir is good at the time, before you purchase it though ask yourself will it still mean a lot to me in 10 years time, will my life be missing out if I don’t purchase the item. Why not aim to purchase experiences rather than items, ie go on a walking city tour rather than purchase a t-shirt.

What part can you play when travelling to reduce or even better eliminate waste?