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Respect Cultural and Indigenous Sensitivities

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Respect Cultures & Communities

Respect Cultural and Indigenous Sensitivities

Respect Cultural and Indigenous Sensitivities

Depending on your travel purpose or region you’re exploring, certain destinations have more cultures and indigenous communities than others, which can include sacred places, traditions and way of life. Not all travellers are aware of cultural and indigenous sensitives, and can easily go overlooked and not respected when travelling.

When exploring physical land, be mindful of sacred places which have deep meaning to people, and respect their tribal sensitivity. If a sign post states not to enter, then respect the request. How would you feel if people walked into your home unannounced, the same goes for indigenous land.  

It’s not always easy to determine the real true history of a culture, you want to aim for education that provides accurate information, without placing blame, rather of advising facts on events. So try to carry out research with indigenous organisations, and ask community local members for input on who has the best source of the truth, and look for authentic tours that provide accurate education. 

Unfortunately some cultures and indigenous communities and sights can be overmarketed, with attractions, tours and experiences providing a false sense of what the true culture and traditions are. Try to carry out research beforehand to know if you’re getting the real deal or not. Remember culture should not be sold, yet shared and educated to others on the cultural beliefs and traditions, and why they are important to the people. 

We should all travel with the mindset to respect cultural and indigenous sensitives, with the aim to learn more about the way of life of cultures and indigenous communities from around the globe.